Changing the marketing landscape: digital marketing

What is marketing and why is it important?

Marketing is a very simple concept. It is the act of promoting or selling products or services, it involves a lot of components. It is used to create customers, maintain them and to also fulfill their needs so that they stay with you in the long term. Marketing is a crucial component of any business, it is as important as operations of any business because with operations you can create a product or service but without marketing that item will only stay in your inventory, marketing is going to allow you to have the product meet its consumer. So in short without marketing a business cannot function as it is one of the core components.

Digital marketing as the face of the changing landscape

Digital marketing is single handedly responsible for the change in the conventional marketing scene. Digital marketing aims to move everything from bricks and mortar to zeros and ones, basically everything tangible to intangible. We no longer need physical print outs of brochures and adverts as we now use digital formats of the same thing that can be advertised at various places online. All the conventional methods have been converted to digital ones; some have been changed slightly while some have been completely replaced to suit the needs of the online world. Digital marketing in comparison to conventional marketing is much more flexible and cheaper. It is easier to put together a digital marketing strategy than a conventional one.

The digital marketing world

The digital marketing world is quite interlinked, independent professional work with each other and huge corporations to carry their job out. There are shared spaces where digital marketers can share and compare their marketing strategies, one of such shared space to come together is a digital marketing conference, here digital marketers of different nationalities and experience come together in one roof to part their wisdom to each other to make the online system much better, something like this will never take place in the physical world of conventional marketing as there people try to keep their strategies, tip and tricks very close to themselves. The idea of shared strength does not exist and marketers have to rely on firms and cannot operate independently as it is near to impossible to build a profile in an offline world.