The Adelaide and South Australian solar

The Adelaide and South Australian solar industry remains fairly buoyant with increased interest in solar battery storage technology and next generation, high efficiency solar panels entering the market. Many new Adelaide solar panels installers are ‘upskilling’ themselves to be able to offer the next generation of solar panels systems to their clients.


Solar Panel Efficiency 2018


Over the last 10 years, as Adelaide has become Australia’s leading city, in terms of uptake of residential solar power systems, the majority of installed solar panels had efficiencies in the 14 to 16  percent range. In 2018 there are now solar panels available (from manufacturers like LG and Panasonic), that yield efficiency levels of over 22 percent. This can be highly beneficial as more and more home owners look to become energy self sufficient. Many of Adelaide’s older homes have relatively small roof areas so high efficiency solar panels equates to more solar power generated for a fixed roof area.


Solar Panel Price Trends In 2018


Despite the Australian dollar being around 75 cents U.S, there is still a downward trend in solar panel pricing, albeit at a slower rate than in previous years. The recently applied U.S.tariffs applied to Chinese made solar panels has meant that some of these manufacturers are now looking to sell more product into the Australian marketplace and are prepared to lower prices to achieve a greater market share.